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FORS Training

Find out more about our FORS Training courses.

Courses Overview

Find out more about Safe Urban Driver & Van Smart courses.

Driver CPC Training

Find out more about our Driver CPC Training courses.

Courses Throughout The Year

Based in Eastbourne, the Expert Driving Training Academy classroom is the perfect place for you to learn. Our friendly, professional team run courses throughout the year so why not sign up with us today?

Driver Training

Our training is focused on adaptability to the trainees personal learning styles with Certified courses backed by their governing accreditation bodies.

CPC Training

Our Driver CPC training is designed to meet the standard of compulsory periodic training for vocational drivers with the emphasis on driver and operator compliance, environmental awareness to improve fuel efficiency, road safety with specific training regarding vulnerable road users and to promote vocational driving as a career within the UK and the EU.

Safe Urban Driver

Safe Urban Driver is essential training for all commercial LGV drivers regardless of the area of operation which gives candidates first-hand experience as a VRU, through on-cycle hazard awareness to recognise why cyclists behave the way they do. Controlling a bike, understanding where to ride on the road and the use and limitations of cycle infrastructure.

Van Smart

Van Smart is essential training for all commercial Van drivers, regardless of the area of operation, which will raise the levels of knowledge to enhance awareness of vulnerable road users that meets the compliance requirement for both the driver and the operator.

JAUPT & FORS Accreditation and FTA Membership

We’re proud to be a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Associate and we’re also members of the FTA (Freight Transport Association) which helps support and shape an efficient freight infrastructure across the UK.

Both organisations are there to ensure that companies who work within the transport and logistics industry stay fully compliant with the law as well as guiding them towards safer operational methods. This isn’t just for the benefit of their members, but also for the benefit and safety of the general public.



Expert Driver Training Academy are a JAUPT approved training centre


  • JAUPT are the approvals unit for driver periodic training courses and driver CPC training centres.
  • JAUPT strive to ensure that drivers, their employers or offenders receive training that is fit for purpose and has been approved by the DVSA or DVA, through our rigorous on-going quality assurance processes.
  • JAUPT manage the application process and quality assurance programme of centres and courses for the periodic training element of ‘The Vehicle Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) Regulations 2007’.


Not the normal boring CPC, Gary was informative, knowledgeable and made it interesting, a good day

James Edgar
Director – Bradleys Grab Hire

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