About Expert Driver Training Academy

Company Overview

Expert Driver Training Academy is a company that has grown from the necessity to deliver a high standard of driver training to our own staff at our sister company.

Expert Driver Training Academy is supported by their training manager who with over 30 years of experience in the transport sector understands the link between legislation, operations and delivery.

Our training is focused on adaptability to the trainees personal learning styles with Certified courses backed by the relevant governing accreditation bodies.

Our training is made up of the following elements;

Driver CPC Training

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) modules that can be tailored to meet your company’s objectives.

Our Driver CPC training is designed to meet the standard of compulsory periodic training for vocational drivers with the emphasis on driver and operator compliance, environmental awareness to improve fuel efficiency, road safety with specific training regarding vulnerable road users and to promote vocational driving as a career within the UK and the EU.

FORS Training

Our FORS Training courses are Driver CPC accredited and meets the standard of compulsory periodic training for vocational drivers as well as complying with the FORS Standard for both drivers and operators.

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is an accreditation that aims to improve fleet activity in London and throughout the UK and beyond, and our courses are available to both FORS and non FORS members wishing to enhance their company’s road safety awareness.

Training Delivery

Our training is designed to support legislation and be delivered in a manner that promotes the skills of new drivers, and also ensures that more experienced drivers are routinely retrained to keep their skill-set fresh and up to date.

This has a positive impact on road safety and working conditions for drivers, makes Operators more accountable and responsible, and gives a broader and more involved edge to what is already a varied and rewarding career.

Training Options

Flexible delivery options – our courses are available at our own training centres, or a suitable venue of your choice, or at your own premises.

Training can be tailored to fit strategic aims and scheduled to match operational requirements which can even be delivered out of hours (24-7).

Our quality course content and information is relevant, consistent and current.

Our Commitment

Expert Driver Training Academy will work with you to help identify the most practical, efficient and cost-effective way to manage your Driver CPC Personal Development Programme and have a range of options available from public courses to in-company training to meet this objective.


The benefits of Expert Driver Training Academy DCPC training course include:


  • to suit the needs of your business.


  • specific to the needs of your operations
  • the ability to match modules to meet your training objectives


  • offering excellent value for money
  • discounts for FORS members
  • cost effective training options


  • Professional and approachable trainers who offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Training delivery from professionals in the industry
  • Relevant, consistent and current course content
  • Emphasis on imparting knowledge to candidates
  • Knowledge delivery in a professional but fun and engaging manner


  • Small groups catered for
  • Training available at our own training centres
  • Training available at a suitable venue of your choice (subject to approval)
  • Training available at your own premises (subject to approval)
  • The ability to deliver FORS training

We appreciate not all clients will have enough candidates to fill a large course as required by other providers, and to address this matter Expert Driver Training Academy have their own in-house classroom and on-cycle trainers that can meet the requirement of smaller organisations for smaller group training at a competitive level.