FORS Staying Legal

Essential training for all commercial LGV drivers

Staying Legal is essential training for all commercial LGV drivers, regardless of the area of operation, which will raise the levels of knowledge to enhance awareness of compliance that is required for both the driver and the operator.

Course Description

To inform drivers of how their industry is regulated through relevant legislation.

To understand how different enforcement agencies are collectively working together to ensure that there are safe and efficient vehicles on the road.

To inform drivers what methods enforcement agencies are using to combat common offences.

To equip the driver with the knowledge of driving offences and the related consequences of non-compliance.

FORS Approved The Staying Legal course will provide FORS accredited operators with an additional training option.

With increasing levels of legislation; this training module has been designed to re-educate drivers in the legal and moral obligations of the driver, to include enforcement regulations, agency targeting methods and vehicle compliance.

This Staying Legal course provides important information and updates to address driver and operator compliance with the emphasis on how to rectify the problems by high quality training to educate and encourage compliance.

Course Content

How to be compliant when operating commercially.

Understand the legal requirements when operating commercially.

The need for legal, roadworthy and compliant vehicles.

Enforcement agencies that will conduct roadside and site compliance checks.

Initiatives and schemes to enforce and enhance overall compliance.

Course Duration & Delegate numbers

The Staying Legal course is 7 hours and can contribute a full day towards the 35 hours Driver CPC that professional drivers need.

Our company can facilitate classes of varying sizes up to a maximum of 24 people per course.